Quarter Horse – Contracted Heels

What to look for:

-Hairlines should never be ground parallel or slope too sharply – they should have a nice slope toward the back of the hoof at about a 25 – 28 degree of angle

-There should be no deep cracks in the back of the frog that go up to the hairline

-The frog should not be more narrow at the back of the hoof – it should be at its widest there.

-Frogs should not have a waist

-Front hooves should generally have a fairly round shape and not be oval. It is OK in hind hooves, but not fronts.

-If the frog ends about halfway down the sole, it means the dorsal wall is stretched forward too much.  There should only be about 1/3 of sole (with wall) in front of the frog

Excessively long toe & high heel (Paint)

Toe too long & heel too high (QH) – same contracted hoof as in the oval sole picture

Contracted Heels (QH) and too much hoof in front of frog (=delayed breakover)

Severely contracted hoof (QH) making this front hoof very oval