Kristen before and after bodyworkRushes into the canter and is unbalanced, which is typically a sign of muscle imbalances. Tends to have issues not being forward enough…his sheath was very noisy at the trot, which is an indication of tension….sheath was no longer noisy at the trot after the session.



Visible Changes In After Photo  (click on photos to enlarge):

  • More release in the neck and poll
  • Being more over the top and through (back up more)
  • Croup looks fuller and more round
  • Foreleg ahead of the movement (↑ breakover)


Feedback from the owner one day after session:

Thanks Ute,
I see him using his shoulder a bit more and looking less like a horse cut in half – one horse in front and another in back with a stiff back in between :)

I did work him extensively at the trot today and did a bit of jumping. There was no sheath noise and at both the walk and trot he had more movement in his hips and back. He usually has very little side-to-side movement, especially at the walk, but he felt nice and loose. His neck was also less tense and he felt more relaxed and consistent in my hands. We haven’t done very much jumping but he was relaxed about it this time and really used himself, picking up his knees and stretching out his neck a couple of times.

He was a bit stiff at the trot to the left at first but worked out of it. He wasn’t taking bad steps, but was very very straight and not as loose in his back and hips. He was also more forward than usual and had fewer “sticky” moments where I have to remind him that yes, we’re still moving!

He was quite pleased that those shoulder stretches have been added to the routine and kept offering me his legs :)