After Bodywork Session Photos

Dayre jump Dayre run










She has a grossly swollen , left hind leg from an old, incorrectly treated wound to the hock but is fortunately  fairly sound regardless.

Dayre left hind leg 2 566










Before Bodywork

  • Pelvis stuck in a more extended position; little sacro-iliac movement
  • Overall body tightness
  • Reduced hind and foreleg extension
  • Neck appears shorter, ↓ telescoping of the neck

After Bodywork

  • Increased sacro-iliac movement
  • more rounded body outline
  • relaxed neck; ↑ telescoping of the neck
  • body appears less tense overall
  • Steps more through with hind legs
  • ↑ foreleg extensions


Dayre L side before & after















Videos of her running after the bodywork session