Roesie & I 67It is said that one cannot escape one’s destiny….it certainly appears to be true for me …….

I was born with the horse gene. So was my sister.  We were both horse crazy from the beginning. I used to draw horses when I was very little and got stepped on by a horse I fell under (tried to help the horse) when I was about 4 or 5 years old.

Our parents never supported  the horse habit. They were too worried about us getting hurt. They were also not crazy about the idea of me learning an equine profession. They thought I was very creative, so I ended up getting a Bachelor’s degree in Photography, but did a lot of other work over the coming years…..Then I came full circle after all in 2004, when fate intervened (was laid off ) and I had a chance to finally do something I really wanted to do. With the help of NW School of Animal Massage I  became a massage therapist for large and small animals and later added  human massage licensing as well through the NW School of Massage. I passed the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork Exam in 2005 and have been a licensed Massage Therapist since then.

In 2007 I was contacted to do body work on a horse. The owner also happened to be a barefoot trimmer and things just fell into place when I realized how closely body and hoof health were connected. Pam Beall taught me the skills of barefoot hoof care and I have never looked back. Never thought this would also lead to regular writing and publishing articles either ……

And my parents were right – I am very creative and have continued to do photography work, as much as I could work it in here and there. I even had an exhibition at  Border’s Books in Tacoma, WA in 2005 and I am planning to focus on it more again as well…..

The body is my  teacher. If something works, the body will let me know by becoming better. If not, I need to find another way that will help it improve. And it is all about keeping a healthy balance with everything. It is the middle way that makes us whole. I never anticipated how fitting the choice of business name really was going to be for what I do. I chose it because body work is designed to create a balanced body, but it really applies to everything we do. To add to that, I found out only a few years ago, that my family name literally means “Friend Of The Horses”.  Really sounds a lot like destiny to me ♥

(PS: The horse next to me in the photo is Roe’sie, a Lipizzan/Mustang cross. She belonged to a friend and taught me a lot about Dressage. I miss this sweet girl …..)