Epic Equine Calming Product Fail‏

Owner could not understand why her mare was so besides herself. The mare

  •  could not focus, was very distracted
  •  was constantly fretting, moving around
  •  threatened to rear
  • seemed more aggressive
  • had separation anxiety
  • had udder swelling
  • looked like she was constantly in season

We discovered that the calming product that was used was flax based. I told the owner to stop feeding it because I suspected the flax, which is high in phytoestrogens, was affecting the mare quite a bit. That was Saturday. The mare was just about 3 days later pretty much back to her old self.

Behavior like she showed is not normal for horses. So far, in pretty much all cases I have found that diet played a role, as was the case here too. And it only takes a few days to notice  a change. In this case the product was Vitacalm.

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